Hi. I'm MARK.


Owner and Operator of Media Content Solutions.

I have been running this company (previously known as BAS1C Photography) since 2008. It began as a hobby where Magazine company's approached me for my photography work from automotive events, meets and shows. 

At the end of 2015 it stopped being a project, and started to become an ongoing need from local businesses, as marketing transitioned into Facebook and Instagram focused. 

I have since created content, operated and maintained Social Media accounts for a large number of businesses across Australia's east coast. 

Our specialty is being able to analyse your business's strengths and show them off in a modern, upbeat style that helps promote and grow your business through targeted media such as short length video's and eye catching photos.

If you are at the next step in marketing for your business, and would like to see how higher quality imagery and video's will assist, please reach out and have a look at some of our examples via our social media channels listed below.